SRHR and Covid-19 Roadshow

Campaign in Juba, Southern Sudan

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, young people in Southern Sudan through the Youth Action Movement (YAM) have resorted to conducting road shows to disseminate SRHR and Covid-19 information. The roadshow campaign is done around market centers in Juba for about 3 days per week for about four hours.

 Kevin Abalo John chairlady of the Youth Action Movement says that the campaign has reached over 10, 000 youth and adults with SRHR information especially on family planning services and Covid-19 safety.

With reports of increased teenage pregnancies all over, the YAM members felt the need to reach out to their peers with information that can help them protect themselves from the pregnancies. The campaign aims at informing the young people on their e right to access SRHR information and services during the pandemic. The youth also pass messages about the RHASS Family Health Clinic services and the importance of accessing the services.

As a result, the clinic is receiving many clients for various SRHR services. Poni Agnes one of the healthcare workers at the Family Health Clinic says that the roadshow campaign has created demand for the SRHR services among the young people and women. “We are receiving good number of clients at the clinic as a result of the road show campaign by the YAM members. We are receiving young people coming for family planning services, STIs and other none SRHR services’’ adds Agnes.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the member association held community outreaches which are no longer possible hence the youths have limited access to SRHR information putting them at risk. Most of the young girls and women who used to access these services through community outreaches may not know where to get the services from, but through the road show campaign they are directed to the clinics.

According to Florence Konga, Youth and Advocacy officer at RHASS, the young people are missing access to SRHR information and services since most of the youth friendly services remain closed. But with the YAM taking the lead in the roadshow campaign many youths are drawn to them and take the SRHR information seriously.

Even though some elders have been opposing the roadshow campaign because of the family planning messages, the YAM member are not discouraged, instead they have vowed to continue with the good work to save more lives.

Formed in 2019, The Youth Action Movement (YAM) is the youth arm of RHASS volunteer’s that catalyses youth participation and plays a key role in identifying priority areas  for the young people.

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