IPPF Taskforce

Coordinated Response To Covid -19 Pandemic

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) characterized the ongoing outbreak of COVID-191(C-19) as a pandemic based on the epidemiological situation. Since then the pandemic has continued to spread world-wide with varying transmission dynamics resulting in a global increase in the number of confirmed cases and deaths. Risk of direct spread from C-19 and national measures enforced in light of this outbreak have had both healthcare and economic implications for IPPF Member Association (MA).

The de-prioritization, disruption and decrease in the provision of sexual and reproductive health services (SRH) and changes in health-seeking behaviour have affected the availability and accessibility of SRH services in countries. Changes in country have also affected MAs Operations significantly including opportunities for advocacy and political engagement.

Recognizing the urgent need to ensure coordination of the overall response, provide accurate, timely guidance and ensure support to MAs, IPPF has convened a global multi disciplinary taskforce (TF) under these circumstances to guide, coordinate and respond to the ongoing situation.  

The primary objective of the TF is to develop, coordinate and drive the implementation of a plan for IPPF’s response to the challenges posed by C-19. In order to achieve the primary objective, the TF will have a mandate to work on the following sub-objectives and activities 

The Taskforce’s work is organized around the following seven workstreams:

Evidence collation and utilization

Collect and analyze critical data to assess impact; estimate MA needs and enable support to MAs.

Enable C-19 responsive SRH services

Implement SRH guidance to adapting current SRH services ensuring staff and client safety during C-19 outbreak.

Commodities and Supply Chain Management

Support procurement and supply of personal protective equipment and SRH commodities as feasible for affected MAs.

Internal Communications

Create a sense of unity across Secretariat staff and wider Federation, through targeted internal communications.

Advocate for SRHR

Position IPPF as a SRHR leader in response to C-19 and Support MAs to counter opposition and maintain SRHR through positive narratives.

Resource mobilization

Identify existing and new opportunities to ensure access to resources for MAs to continue operations and ensure SRHR programming.

Business continuity

Identify and provide resources to MAs on business planning to ensure institutional sustainability in light of C-19.

The members of the IPPF COVID-19 Taskforce are

1. Ashley Wolfington, Interim Director, Humanitarian Programmes

2. Eef Wuyts, ENRO Regional Representative

3. Fabian Cataldo, Senior Advocacy Advisor

4. Isabella Lewis, Coordinator, Coordinator

5. Jameel Zamir, ESEAOR Regional Representative

6. Karthik Srinivasan, Chief Medical Advisor

7. Lena Luyckfasseel, Director, Performance & Programme EN

8. Manuelle Hurwitz, Director, Institutional Delivery
9. Marcel Van Valen, Supply Chain Representative 

10. Muthoni Wachira, Project Coordinator

11. Nimisha Goswami, South Asia Regional Representative (Chair)

12. Paulin Tra, Africa Regional Representative

13. Rajrattan Lokhande, Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Advisor, Humanitarian Hub

14. Riva Eskinazi, Lead, Donor relations

15. Samia Adada, Arab World Regional Representative

The Taskforce through its members and the Secretariat staff will actively engage with MAs and raise critical issues for action and lead the implementation of the decisions agreed upon by the TF and DLT on C-19 response.