Emergency Funding

IPPF has opened up different funding mechanisms to support MAs and staff during this crisis, including:

IPPF has released $450,000 from the DGO Emergency Fund to purchase personal protective equipment for MAs. IPPF has released over $2,000,000 from a combination of the DGO Emergency Fund and grants raised from GAC, DANIDA and Levi Strauss Foundation for MAs COVID-19 response and recovery. Similarly, the SPRINT program has made grants to support a few MAs to purchase PPE and other vital supplies.

In addition, IPPF is mobilizing an appeal for staff and volunteers to contribute to a Solidarity Fund to support their MA/Secretariat staff colleagues who have been deeply affected by C-19. To make a donation now, click here.

For further details on these funding mechanisms, and to apply, please send an email to covid-19@ippf.org