COVID-19 Round 2 Survey Results

Results from 10 June 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis continued to unfold between March and June, IPPF launched a second round survey to continue analysis of the impact of C-19 on MA operations and SRH service provision in order to inform priorities for an IPPF response. The survey also investigated innovations and responses from MAs themselves, including as part of national COVID-19 response.

Of the 124 MAs that participated in the survey, 103 are SRH service providers. MAs have strived and improved access to SRH services through consolidation and reopening safe channels for service provision. Over 300 static clinics and over 400 mobile outreach sites have resumed operations as compared to April 1, 2020.

MAs have largely strived to protect and/or advance SRHR across the federation with most of them engaging in some form if advocacy. This contributed in many cases to positive steps taken by a number of national governments to recognize and improve SRHR ecosystem in some pockets including national governments recognizing SRH as Essential Health services, allowing for telemedicine guidelines or removing barriers to access.

IPPF MAs indicate significant disruption to their operations. A combination of increased expenditure on additional measures to ensure safety of staff and clients; increased costs for essential items; need for transportation of staff and adaptations to continue SRH services combined with a decrease in local income from clinics have adversely affected cash flow for MAs.

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