Notes from the Field: Sri Lanka

Service Delivery Points Commence Work

Sri Lanka has been in complete lock down since end March. Therefore our Service Centres have not been able to function since then.

Our Batticaloa and Nuwara Eliya Service Delivery Points commenced work from 20th April 2020 onwards and we hope we can re-open the rest of the centres soon. Before the Clinics commenced, a training on infection control for the service providers was carried out.

Online Counseling Services

FPA Sri Lanka has teamed up with a popular media channel ( as a media partner) to launch a online counseling platform for all SRH issues, mental health issues, GBV, SGBV. A helpline service called ‘Senehasa’ which has a team of qualified counsellors answering calls.

In addition to that, FPA Sri Lanka’s Alokaya Counselling Centre and Happy Life Unit ( mainly for youth) have been providing free services throughout this time.

Menstrual Hygiene Management in Emergencies

FPA Sri Lanka donated a truck load of sanitary napkins to the young girls and women in 6 quarantine facilities across the country through the Family Health Bureau and armed forces. This activity was conduced under the IPPF SPRINT Project.

The current health crisis may have left women and girls without access to clean and safe sanitary products. This can be due to the lack of availability, the lack of funds and the travel restrictions imposed currently. As a result, women and girls maybe forced to use improvised, methods to manage their periods, including torn pieces of clothing or rags.

These alternative methods used by women and girls to manage their periods are often ineffective, uncomfortable and unhygienic. They can lead to dangerous infections, and blood stains which can cause women and girls to feel embarrassed and isolated during their period.

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